I am BACK!!! The artwork for the upcoming Sundogs 2010 book is complete, but I until I lay it out and put out a print edition, I will start uploading the missing days that never got uploaded to the blog. There are basically two blocks that never got uploaded:

Late February - March 19th, 2010 - these pieces got lost forever when my computer was stolen. Fortunately I was smart enough to write down the ideas in a sketchbook, and so I have recreated these days in the same digital style as before.

October 18 until December 31st
- I got myself terribly behind around this time with all the holiday parties and other work related nonsense. Then in the peak of it all I took a trip to America which really backlogged me. I did however keep a normal diary during this time and have now gone back and illustrated it in the Sundogs style. This is why the book is so late - three months is a whole lot of artwork to catch-up on!

I will begin uploading the 15 missing days from February-March and when those have been uploaded I will begin on the end of the year. Enjoy, and please consider buying the book when it comes out!